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Project Executed : Vidhyarthi Khana

Project Description

A Concept Created for BMS Engineering College Student canteen , very Economical project because Rent Free , Electricity Free , Water Free Model , but the clause is to serve Healthy Food to Students and Teachers of the college , Profit Margin was increased to  28% due to Less over heads . Foodwire  implemented this project through a Women Entrepreneur and success fully run the operations till Covid and ensured a huge success and profit , We also use to cater for Seminars , Get to gethers and College Fest and Events also for a tune of 6000 people . Even the food served was Healthy and Not Junk  . This Project motivated most of the college Management to bring such model in their campus also,We Specially Thank Sri Dayanand Pai for creating such opportunity for Foodwire India .

Time Line For Implementation

42 Days


Basavanagudi Banagalore ,Karnataka ,India

Project Date

In 2014

Project Category

Live Hygienic Kitchen with Counter sales and Casual Seating 

Client's Goals

Student Canteen with Mass Feeding Activity


Space area of 1700 Sqft , Generating revenue of 4.87 Lakhs Per Month and from Events per year arount 1834000.00 , totally per year :  7678000.00 L/year

Project has been featured in all Top Media  and all alumni ,agzines of Engineering colleges and Medical Colleges , Vijaya Karnataka , Times of India , DNA , TV9, Suvarna News ,Out Look Traveller and many more

Kitchen Plan